African Queen
A statement in ebony and gold. Stack-able bangles to be worn in different combinations.
Long necklace with horseshoe shapes that detaches into 2 bracelets and a shorter necklace to allow versatility. Sculptural and striking.
Ballets Russes
Understated luxury! 12 carats of rose cut diamonds caged into the ball that rattle and move as your hand moves.
Fresh and feminine bloom is Youmna's first foray into including flowers into her jewellery. Bloom is romantic In yellow gold and edgy in sterling silver.
Bloom Sterling
Fresh and feminine bloom is Youmna's first foray into including flowers into her jewellery. Bloom is romantic In yellow gold and edgy in sterling silver.
Rings in the shape of a paper wrapped candy. Serious and playful.
The perfect cocktail ring and matching earrings. This is all you need to feel glamorous. Many colors to suit all moods and all occasions.
Carre D'Or
Rings inspired from Yves St.Laurent's iconic belt.
A trademark. One of the first collections launched in 2001. A necklace that is worn long or short. Timeless!
A very elegant and wearable bangle born from my fascination with the seaside fashions of the 1920's and 30's.
Disques D'or
Sculptural and very wearable earrings that can be worn throughout the day with great comfort.
Egg ring
Pure lines, a symbolic shape. A very flattering stack-able ring.
A must. Can't live without it! A gold cuff that is as beautiful and striking with jeans or a little black dress.
Skylights in gothic churches! This is where the inspiration for this ring came from.
3 bangles! Many combinations! "H" and "T" worn together are great! Alone they have a great presence! "O" can be worn as a bracelet or as a necklace by adding ribbons and adding a clip to the end of the ribbon to give the final couture touch.
Picasso's blue period painting of his son dressed in a harlequin outfit. A gold mine of inspiration for a collection that is fresh, timeless and versatile.
K ring
Bold and striking.
A tribute to the mediterranean sea on whose shores Youmna was born.
I love earstuds! They are comfortable, understated and illuminate the wearer's face! They are essential in a wardrobe!
Pedro grows on you, to the point you always reach for it. All links open up to allow versatility. Pedro can be worn as a chain on its own or have a decorative element attached to it.
Pepite D'or
Gold leaves encased in rock crystal or amethyst. Wearable art!
The other essential earstuds
CoCo, Rose, Noir - An ode to contemporary art. Rings that express our moods, our idols, our inspirations and our individuality.
Rubans D'or
A signature piece, seven bangles worn together - the ethnic made contemporary!
White gold necklace with rubber bands. Unique! Versatile! Playful! (Limited edition 8 pcs)
A variation on the Pastilles earstuds, fresh and graphic.
A collection of bracelets and rings so comfortable, you forget you are wearing them! A signature piece.
Sensual! Opulent! Feminine!
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